Dental care

Dental care

Top Class Quality Care

Experienced dentists. Latest medical technology. High-tech systems CEREC®.

Full Servis Assistance

We will deal with every aspect of your medical trip.

The best clinic

Choose the largest facility of its kind in Central Europe.

No language barrier

Our dentists speak English, German and Russian language.


The largest facility of its kind in Central Europe, which has already helped over 400 000 satisfied clients. The clinic offers the latest, proven methods. See more information here.

Treatments & Prices


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that provide a permanent base for fixed, replacement teeth. The teeth attached to implants look absolutely credible and fit, feel and function like natural teeth.

Implants are very strong, stable, and durable. Our implantologists and dental surgeons use the following dental implant systems:

  • Implantate Straumann  1540 €
  • Implantate Dentis 1200 €

Implant price includes: screw, abutment, ceramic crown, treatment plan and supplementary material.


Bridges can be fully ceramic, metal-ceramic or zircon-ceramic. The bridge is usually placed on the teeth surrounding the space left after the missing one. Mostly, the bridge substitutes one or two teeth.

  • Bridge from 995 €


A  crown substitute a single missing tooth which still has its root preserved in the gum. It is usually fully ceramic and it’s manufactured either by a person in a laboratory or by the computer system CEREC®.

  • Crown metalloceramic 380 €
  • Crown all ceramic 450 €
  • Photocomposite white filling – small – from 66 €


Veneers are intended to cover the front (facial) part of the teeth to improve appearance.

As they are so thin the teeth do not require grinding or other interventions in the tooth structure for the correct placement – and so even no anaesthetic either. Your original teeth are left untouched.

  • Ceramic veneer 491  €


It’s possible to brighten up your smile up to four tones with just a single appointment. There are many systems for teeth whitening available on the market. ZOOM 3® is one of the gentlest systems for teeth whitening which uses whitening gel with 30 % lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, compared to its rivalries.

  • Home Whitening 192 €


Thanks to CEREC® SYSTEM, the patient only visits the dentist once now and will leave with a fully functional prosthesis, no stress, no waiting. Restorations look outstanding, last a long time, and are biocompatible and metal-free.

CEREC® is a new generation robotic system. It is a 3D modeling system which scans the patient’s oral cavity down to the tiniest details and then designs the optimal shape of crown or the fillings (in-lay, on-lay or over-lay). Afterwards, CEREC manufactures the recommended prosthesis in high-quality ceramics in a span of tens of minutes.

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