How to find a Plastic Surgeon

How to find a Plastic Surgeon

If you have decided you want to change your appearance and to undergo plastic surgery, you are faced with the most important question of who to entrust your care to, which clinic and doctor to choose.

Be careful, because your decision could affect your life to a considerable extent. We are talking about a permanent change of appearance and your health and safety, meaning that you want to make sure you choose the right doctor and clinic.

We, therefore, have a few hints for you on how to find a plastic surgeon you can trust.

1. Experience above all

Right there next to education, the first and most important factors are the experience of the doctor, his or her abilities and skill. Experience is crucial in the world of plastic surgery. In much the same way that a violinist becomes a virtuoso by playing, practising, and rehearsing over and over again do plastic surgeons become experts. Indeed it takes hundreds of operations before they become true experts in their field.

There are, of course, simple operations, such as those on the upper eyelids, and very sophisticated procedures, such as abdominoplasty, operations on the nose, or a facelift , that require dexterity, a feel for beauty, and profound knowledge.  

Plastic surgery is also a discipline that is changing. Doctors should not tread water, but instead regularly continue in their education.

You should therefore compare the CVs of the doctors, where you will learn all of this information. Does the doctor have experience abroad? Does he or she attend international seminars and conferences? Which clinics has he or she worked at? From which university did he or she graduate? 

2. Price comes second

Plastic surgery really is not something you want to save money on. You have chosen the Czech Republic for plastic surgery, where the prices are generally 40-60 % lower than in the countries of Western Europe in spite of the fact that the quality is at the same level, or is even higher. This in itself is a major plus point in saving money. The eventual price of an operation, however, is fairly similar whichever clinic you choose, with a few exceptions. Whether you can save CZK 5,000 more, for example, should not be the deciding factor. 

3. Gather the available information

Reviews, recommendations from acquaintances and friends, photographs before and after, profiles of the doctor. This is all information that will help you make your choice. When you are reading reviews by former clients, also remember that no doctor has a 100 % success rate and that you will always find clients that have slightly different expectations of the operation than the outcome. Meaning that reviews might not be entirely objective. No matter what, however, there should be enough positive reviews to assure you that your decision is the right one. 

4. A clinic where you feel good

No less important is your choice of the clinic where the doctor operates. The clinic should guarantee the highest level of safety, quality, and post-operation care. It should provide the facilities for innovative methods and, above all, work with modern technology. You should feel nice and comfortable there.

5. Consultation decides

If you are travelling from abroad, we would recommend that you arrange online consultation before you visit the clinic in person. You can also talk to two or three doctors so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Online consultation should proceed in the same way as consultation in person. The doctor should listen to your wishes and expectations and offer you the best possible solution. He or she should also determine the best anticipated procedure based on photographs of the parts you want to change. And set a final price, so that you are not in for a surprise when you arrive at the clinic.

Photo by karelys Ruiz on Unsplash

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