Liposuction in Prague: What to expect?

Liposuction in Prague: What to expect?

If you are looking for the right place for liposuction in Prague, here is what you can expect if you decide in favour of ABCLINIC Art & Beauty.

Shedding fat in certain areas can be problematic in spite of all attempts at living a healthy lifestyle. If all that is separating you from a state of satisfaction is a couple of minor imperfections that are resisting your efforts to get rid of them, put yourself into the hands of the professionals at ABClinic Art & Beauty, who are here to help you.

What exactly do you need to prepare yourself for?

Before your arrival in the Czech Republic


Once you have contacted our coordinators, you will move on to online consultation. During this consultation, the doctor will use the photographs you have sent to assess your type of build, the extent of surplus fat and its precise location, and judge whether liposuction is the right solution for you. If so, he or she will then discuss whether the best option for you would be liposuction under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic. At this stage you will also talk to the doctor about the best liposuction technique to help you achieve the desired result (classic tumescent liposuction, Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL), or liposuction using the body-jet system.)

To guarantee that there are no hollows or bumps on the skin after liposuction, your surgeon will recommend a procedure called Plasma Lipolysis, which is able to prevent these undesirable phenomena on your body. In conclusion, he or she will also offer you additional post-operation therapy that is able to speed up the healing process (LPG, Revitex, Lipo Touch, Ultra Cell.)

It is possible that the surgeon will for some reason suggest that liposuction is not for you. In such case, he or she will offer a less-invasive method, such as lipolysis or ACRYOS. He or she might also suggest improving the result of liposuction with further procedures, such as abdominoplasty or thigh lift.

The price, booking the procedure, and planning your journey 

Following on from consultation and the technique you have chosen, a coordinator will send you the final price of the procedure and associated costs. If you decide to undergo the procedure, you then make a binding appointment and pay a deposit on the procedure. You will also start planning your journey with the coordinator – the formalities, accommodation, transfers, and even how you spend your free time before the operation. The coordinator can recommend or book accommodation that would be ideal for your recovery and that is close to the clinic.

Arriving in the Czech Republic

Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your hotel or apartment. You will also have contacts to the coordinator (telephone, e-mail, whatsapp) and can get in touch with him or her any time if you need something.

Pre-operation examination

Our coordinator will pick you up on the day of the operation and take you to our clinic, where he or she will accompany you. You will undergo a series of pre-operation examinations before the operation, just to make sure of absolute safety. 


Depending on whether liposuction is done under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic, you will come to the clinic having eaten or on an empty stomach. (You should not eat or drink for 6 hours or more before general anaesthetic.) Once you are in your room, the surgeon will go over the planned procedure with you one more time. He or she will make markings on your body and sign informed consent with you. You can then have a short talk with the anaesthetist. Our kind nurses will then collect you, and prepare you for what lies ahead. 

As far as the length of the procedure is concerned, liposuction at ABClinic Art & Beauty takes from 30 minutes to three hours, depending on the type you have chosen. Count on the fact that if you are getting a local anaesthetic, you will have to wait a while for it to take effect. (This usually takes 30-45 minutes.) After liposuction, your wounds will be stitched with a very fine needle or closed with a butterfly stitch and provided with a sterile covering. The procedure also involves dressing you in compression underwear.

After the operation

If you undergo liposuction under general anaesthetic, you will lie for a short time in the intensive care unit, where experienced nurses will continually keep an eye on how you are doing. Once you have woken up, you will move to your own room, where you will be given medication. As far as liposuction under local anaesthetic is concerned, patients are allowed to go home as soon as possible after having been checked by a doctor. You will be discharged after 4-24 hours in the former case. How long it takes depends on how you handle the liposuction. Your coordinator will again take care of your journey back to your accommodation. Depending on the doctor’s recommendation, you will remain in Prague for another 5-10 days and undergo a post-operation check-up before your leave.

Think about the following once you have left the clinic:

  • It is recommended that you wear compression underwear for at least 7 days.
  • Stitches and fixation are removed after a week or so.
  • You will have check-ups for the next 4-6 weeks, either in person at the clinic or online.
  • Lymphatic drainage and a massage are recommended after 10-14 days.
  • Therapy on an LPG machine is recommended twice a week.
  • You will undergo medical check-ups for the next 6-12 months to assess the condition or your skin and subcutis.

Your coordinator can again arrange your transfer to a hotel or railway station. You will also be in contact with him or her once you get home to plan post-operation check-ups. 

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