Do you have problematic body parts, which are difficult to slim even with an active and healthy lifestyle? And have you decided you want to undergo liposuction? We are here to help you find the right doctor in the Czech Republic and support you along the way.


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Experienced doctors who are respected and demanded abroad. Latest medical technology. Advanced modern clinics.

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You can get high-quality aesthetic surgery at price up to 60% lower than in Western Europe’s countries.

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Excellent level of medicine – According to the analysis of the EHCI, the Czech health sector is the best within Central and Eastern Europe and overtook Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Portugal. 

Perfect education stage – Czech doctors are obliged to go through a minimum of six years of study at university. Until 2 years of professional experience that is supervised by attested specialists, they passed 1st attestation. And after another 5 years, they pass 2nd attestation.

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We have three partner clinics and plastic surgeons. We have carefully selected these three based on our personal knowledge and their high credentials proved by hundreds of satisfied clients to make you sure you get your high-quality treatment. Just make your choice, let us know and we will help you through each step of the process and we will do all of the work to organize your surgery in Prague.



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Duration of stay: 1-5 days

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650 €

Liposuction small area

1600 €

Liposuction 1-2 areas

1800 €

Liposuction 3-4 areas

No extra fee:   We charge you same price that the clinic would charge you if you were to contact them directly. Moreover, our service travel coordinator support is included in the price.

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Liposuction is a solution for reducing localized fat deposits. It can sculpt a better shape to almost any area of the body. During this procedure a certain amount of subcutaneous fat is sucked from an affected area – usually tummy or hips, but it could be any other part of the body – the thighs, inner knees, buttocks, upper arms, cheek, chin or neck.

Liposuction is an option if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • You have problematic body parts, which are difficult to slim even with an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Certain areas of your body are out of proportion with your figure.
  • You have good skin elasticity – your skin is not loose or saggy.
  • You are at or near your desired body weight.

Types of Liposuction

Body Jet and SmartLipo

Combi-lipo is a combination of two modern techniques. Body jet lipo is a new form of liposuction that uses highly concentrated streams of water to dislodge the fat from your body so that it can be removed. Bodyjet lipo is gentler than traditional liposuction procedures, easier on the body and minimizes damage to the surrounding cells, blood vessels, soft tissues, and muscles.

Afterwards the surgeon will use Smartlipo cannula, to treat superficial fat and tighten the skin. Smartlipo results in very good skin retraction, and prevents flabby skin after fat removal.



BodyTite is a radio frequency liposuction. It is usually used in combination with traditional liposuction if the skin is flabby. It is recommended for clients with a poorer skin quality. In combination with oscillatory liposuction, this is a suitable method for areas with slightly flabby skin or for the area of the back, where the device strengthens and tightens the skin. It can also suppress small vascular bleeding when used. BodyTite can also be used for removing cellulite. In addition, it reduces swelling and bruising during the treatment and remodels collagen fibers. BodyTite has special extensions for liposuction of double chins (NeckTite) and for face tightening (FaceTite).



See lipotransfer if you would like to have at least some of this fat as a natural filler, in the breasts for example.

Have you decided to obtain excellent medical care at a reasonable price while having all of the arrangements handled by your medical travel coordinator? Inquire now.

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