Dr Patrik Paulis

MUDr. Patrik Paulis

Head Physician, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Patrik Paulis is the Head physician at the ABClinic. He is known for performing innovative and sophisticated procedures with the utmost attention to detail and natural look.To help his patients achieve the best results possible, Dr. Paulis uses a variety of state-of-the-art surgical technologies and techniques.

MUDr. Patrik Paulis has a long list of diplomas and specialist training courses to his name, with perhaps the crown jewel being the AFSA (advanced specialist training certificate) from the Paris Diderot University. He has studied under renowned practitioners such as Prof. Jean-Marie Servant, Prof. Marc Revol, Dr. Francoise FIRMIN, Dr. Javier De Benito, and others.


ABClinic in Prague offers a soothing ambiance, a friendly welcome, and a wide range of advanced dermatologic and plastic surgery procedures. You can expect highly personalized approach and multidisciplinary comprehensive care.


Our comprehensive approach is based on a system of specialist consultations that rely on the following key elements:

The latest trends in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology and dentistry

  • The latest trends in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology and dentistry 
  • A wide spectrum of surgical and non-surgical procedures, modern equipment and techniques, appropriate supplements and meticulous continuing 
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration among our doctors


  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy


As a top rated plastic surgeon, MUDr. Patrik Paulis is regularly featured in the media for his medical insight and surgical expertise.

These comments are provided by estheticon.com, an international independent aesthetic medicine community website for patients allowing them to share their experience.

MUDr. Patrik Paulis was a high recommend to me from someone in the cosmetic industry. I had a previous facelift in the Uk about 7 years prior but decided to go elsewhere. I did my research and booked my consultation. Totally delighted, his nature and knowledge surpassed my expectations, the staff are well organised, professional and beautiful. The clinic itself is totally immaculate and impressive. Tuesday 14/7 was my consultation then at 12 I had my pre ops, these are very thorough with an obvious highly qualified physician or just my option maybe even the anaesthetist. On Thursday 16/7 this was great my appointment with Dr. Alberto Leguina-Ruzzi was to analyse my skin for laser around my mouth during my facelift surgery, I gave a few issues to solve prior to surgery and he knew exactly what was required and hey presto all sorted, again another who knows his skills and gorgeous. Now I’m excited about my surgery on Monday with MUDr. Patrik Paulise, everything I’ve heard update has been impressive so I feel comfortable being in his hands. I’ll update after.
Dr Paulis is the best of the best. I am a journalist from the UK and appear on TV. Dr Paulis has done my surgery 4 years ago and it was amazing. It was done under local, the results brilliant, the service excellent and his skill is the best of the best. I trust him with any surgery and his prices are so reasonable. The clinic is of the highest standard and better than I have seen in UK and Australia I can send before and after pictures he is brilliant


2006 – Specialisation diploma in the specialized field of plastic surgery, Slovak Medical University, Bratislava – 2006

2004 – University degree in “Experimental surgery and microsurgery” at Denis Diderot University – Paris VII in Paris

2004 – AFSA diploma (specialized certification of higher degree) area: Plastic reconstruction and aesthetic surgery, Université Denis Diderot – Paris VII in Paris

2001 –  Grade 1 qualification in general surgery –

1998 – Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Plzeň – diploma in general medicine


2006 – Department of Plastic Surgery, University Hospital Ružinov, Bratislava, SR

2002-2003 and 2003-2004 – Department of Plastic Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery, University Hospital of St. Louis, Paris

1995 – 1997 – Long-term voluntary internship at the Department of Plastic Surgery at FN Královské Vinohrady, “Secondary infections after mammary surgeries”

1997 – Department of Maxillo-facial and Plastic Surgery, Armand-Trousseau Children’s University Hospital, Paris, France

1995 – Department of Plastic Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery, University Hospital of St. Louis, Paris, France


2011 – 2018 Swiss med Clinic, chief surgeon of plastic surgery

since 2010 – Private medical practice in plastic surgery, consultations for plastic and aesthetic surgery for the Central Military Hospital in Prague

2008 – 2010 Iscare, Lighthouse clinic, chief surgeon of the plastic surgery department, Prague

since 2007 – Social expert in the field of healthcare, plastic surgery

since 2006 – Registered plastic surgeon in Prague 1

Special medical practice in the field of plastic surgery,

2004 – 2006 – 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague – assistant

2004 – 2006 – Department of Plastic Surgery of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, University Hospital Na Bulovce – resident and at the same time

2001 – 2003 – Department of Maxillary, Facial and Plastic Surgery, Surgery of Hands Central Military Hospital – resident

1998 – 2001 Department of Surgery of IPVZ, University Hospital Na Bulovce, Prague – resident


Specialized international courses

2020 – Rhinoplasty – Target course – IMCAS, Paris, France

2008 – International course Surgical Minimal Invasive Approaches for Men, IMCAS, Paris, France

2008 – International Silhouette-Lift Course – Marbella

2004 – International course and diploma Advances in Breast Plastic surgery at the Léon- Bérard Centre for Plastic Surgery in Lyon, France, Dr. Delay

2004 – New procedures for the treatment of congenital clefts of palate and lips at the University Department of Children’s Plastic Surgery and Surgery of Burns at Roger Salengo University Hospital in Lille – France – Prof. Pellerin and Prof. Martinot

2003 – Plastic surgery of breast deformities – prof. Ivo Pitanguy, Catholic University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, at the IPRAS Congress, Sydney

Membership in professional societies

  • ESPRAS – European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • IPRAS – International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Slovak Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Society for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery of Jan Evangelista Purkyně
  • Czech Medical Chamber
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