Plastic surgery abroad – is it worth it?

Plastic surgery abroad – is it worth it?

Travelling makes us all happy. Few of us, however, want to find ourselves having problems and ending up in a local hospital, whose equipment and services might diametrically differ from those we are accustomed to at home. What, though, if we decide to take the risk and travel to another country for plastic surgery? 

Deciding to register for plastic surgery is a big step that requires a lot of calculation and deliberation. It usually begins with a quick check of the clinics that carry out the type of procedure you want. You then move on to reading reviews and comparing prices. 

And sometimes the idea pops into our heads of traveling abroad. Particularly when the transport is good and we see that there are considerable savings to be made on the cost. 

Medical Travel

Given that globalisation is seeing the world shrinking before our very eyes, you can now wake up in Paris, London, or Berlin and have dinner in Dubai, or in Prague. Particularly if you are travelling within Europe, you can make the journey in a few short hours. So why not take advantage of it? You can get to know a new country while at the same time paying a far more affordable price for your procedure. What more could you ask for?

What to Know Before Going abroad for Plastic Surgery

This is all tempting for sure. It is crucial, however, that you choose a clinic and a good doctor to entrust your care to. You will be a foreigner in a different country who will have to overcome the language barrier, and frequently many other pitfalls. 

It is therefore definitely a good idea for you to find out the following from the comfort of your home:

  • Whether the clinic of your choice is certified/accredited;
  • All the procedures that your chosen clinic carries out;
  • The qualifications, education, and experience of the doctor who will be operating on you;
  • Whether the doctor is a member of any international organisations;
  • Before-and-after photographs of previous clients;
  • Whether the staff at the clinic speak your native language (or a language that you understand);
  • All the formalities and costs associated with your stay; 
  • How it looks with post-operation care and subsequent check-ups;
  • How you can sort out accommodation and transfers after leaving the clinic.

There is absolutely no point in underestimating these points before your departure. It might easily happen that you have no idea what to do if a particular key situation arises, even if your choice of who is going to provide your aesthetic procedure is good. Proper planning is very important because it means you will get exactly what you expect and your procedure abroad will go ahead without any unnecessary stress or risk.

Medical Travel Coordinators

If you want to spare yourself lots of hassle in looking for information and you want to have someone at hand to advise you and guide you through the whole process, help is at hand. If you are planning to travel to the Czech Republic for plastic surgery, our team of experienced coordinators is available to help you with your stay.

What you can expect from them:

  • Help in choosing the right clinic for you;
  • Full assistance and support with anything surrounding your stay in the country;
  • Additional services relating to your journey (choosing accommodation, transfers, translations, escort to the clinic);
  • Quality customer service based on prior experience, truth, and trust.

Your coordinator will also recommend the most advanced aesthetic clinics in the Czech Republic that are accustomed to working with clients from abroad. This gives you the certainty that your demands on quality service and quality work will be met.

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