Plastic surgery clinics in Prague

Plastic surgery clinics in Prague

The Czech Republic is a renowned European destination for health tourism and welcomes patients for plastic surgery operations, IVF, obesity treatment, or gynaecological procedures every year. 

The volume of patients from abroad in the field of plastic surgery alone accounts for around 20 % of the total number of clients. The Czech Republic is the most popular destination for clients from Germany, Austria, and England.

Plastic surgery clinics

There are two factors at work here – the quality and the price. We are among the best in Europe in terms of the quality of procedures conducted. The other fundamental reason is the price, which is generally up to three times lower than in other countries. Plenty of people take advantage of this benefit.

In spite of the fact that the Czech health service is based on healthcare facilities run by the state, plastic surgery is mostly provided by private clinics. The market is dominated by a few major players, and dozens of small ones. There are also clinics that are profiled exclusively, or almost exclusively, for clientele from abroad. 

The Czech Republic has extremely strict requirements for the accreditation of healthcare facilities, whether state-run or private. Clinics and hospitals undergo regular inspections and must meet high standards in the field of health care. The Czech Republic occupies a leading position in any international comparison.

Plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic

The number of plastic surgeons here per head of population is high. Their qualification, however, is very well ensured. Plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic undergo 14 years of specialised and practical training.

The professional medical specialisation of plastic surgeon

  • the title of MUDr. is awarded to doctors after successfully completing university studies at a medical faculty, a total of 6 years of study
  • this is followed by several years, three in general, of training at the chosen department under the tutelage of experienced older colleagues, completed with level 1 attestation, meaning an examination before an expert panel appointed by the Ministry of Health;
  • for a surgeon to be able to work in his or her own, he/she must then continue working at an accredited plastic surgery department for a further 5 years, continually under the tutelage of more experienced colleagues, and after this time he/she must get level 2 accreditation.

Photo by Graham Ruttan on Unsplash

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