Royal welness

For 3 nights only. Spa stay includes:

  • accomodation with half board
  • Spa treatments:
    • 1x full body medical massage
    • 1x natural dry carbon gas bath
    • 1x hot stone therapy – full body
    • 1x bubble bath with peat extract
    • 1x mineral bath with natural CO2 in King Edward VII´s Royal Cabin
    • drinking cure

From: 139 €/night/person

Spa treatments

bath in Royal Cabin

mineral bath with natural CO2

Hot stone therapy

full body

natural dry carbon gas bath

Mineral Drinking Cure

Full body medical massage


Bubble bath with peat extract

Entrance to pool

Roman baths

extra charge

Fitness club

Deal available in following hotel

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hotel Nové Lázně

Royal wellness

From: 139 €/night/persone


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