Why Czech

High standards of treatment combined with affordable prices make the Czech Republic the ideal destination for medical tourism. Patients from all around the world are coming to the Czech Republic. The percentage of incoming foreign patients is increasing. Last year by 10 – 15% according to the Ministry of Health Care.  You can find clinics which are focused only on foreign clients.

Forbes list has listed Czech Republic as one of the TOP 10 WORD DESTINATIONS popular for medical tourism.

Traveling to the Czech Republic for medical treatment is a great option for you if you are looking for high-quality medical service or you want to benefit from cost savings – to save up to 50%. Another factor that influences the decision is short waiting times for procedures.

Excellent quality

The Czech health sector is the best within Central and Eastern Europe (EHCI 2016)

Historically, the Czech Republic had and currently does have extremely high medicine standards. The Czech health care system is ranked as one of the best in terms of the quality of the treatments performed. According to the analysis of the European Health Care Consumer Index in 2016 (EHCI) the Czech health sector is the best within Central and Eastern Europe. Czech medicine overtook Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Czech Republic’s health care system is very effective and Czech doctors are the third best in Europe in their ability to provide medical care for good money.

Quality of care is, to a great extent, determined by the country. States define, through their regulation, the level of experience and education required, staffing levels, equipment for the hospital, hygienic procedures & reporting failures – such as infection rates and regulation for drug use. The Czech Republic meets the highest European standards.

Our partner clinics

Czech doctors have a high level of expertise and professionalism. They are obliged to go through a minimum of six years of study at university. The study is demanding and huge attention is given to practical training. After university graduation they continue with 2 years of professional experience that is supervised by attested specialists, doctors pass their first attestation and after this an additional second attestation lasting 5 years. To be a medical specialist other attestations are needed.

Specialists from our partner clinics are experts in their fields, they have long term experience, they have been working in leading European clinics. Some of them produce international publications, participate in research, lecture at international conferences and teach at medical faculties.

Because we are partners with only the most reputable modern clinics in the Czech Republic – high-level technology & standards, up to date medical devices and lasting proven methods are guaranteed.

Hard to beat prices

The cost factor of the procedures in the Czech Republic is unparalleled. We offer the best of medical care and cosmetic procedures at affordable costs when compared to other western Europe countries.

As you can see below, average prices for cosmetic surgery and other treatments are significantly lower compared to prices in other states.

Source: own research and treatmentabroad.com The actual cost is individual and vary depending on the chosen clinic, method, the surgeon and on the individual circumstances of the patient.

four more reasons

  • Short waiting period – We are able to book your treatment within 2-3 weeks, sometimes even faster than that.
  • Easy to get to – Czech Republic is situated in heart of Europe. All of Europe’s major airlines fly here. It takes two hours from Paris or London to get to Prague, the Czech capital.
  • Spa and wellness – Czech is known for natural spa and wellness resorts, which have been a local tradition for centuries. You can combine spa procedures to find rest and relaxation during your treatment.
  • Beautiful country – Come and enjoy the historical center of Prague and other cities. Czech offers stunning architecture, cultural events, UNESCO world heritage sites, historic towns and many castles and chateaux..


Choose your treatment

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